In my previous (admittedly lengthy) post, I outlined my last 5 years' work at Microsoft: From sending frustration-mail to a contact at Microsoft, re-joining Microsoft, helping deliver Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and Windows Terminal, and helping drive the WinDev performance project. I also shared how the WSL, Terminal, and WinDev projects have all been transitioned into my colleagues' very capable hands, where they continue to thrive and flourish.

At the end of the post, I stated that “I start a new exciting role!” on Jan 25th 2021.

Well, that day is today! 😁

From today, I’m moving over to lead a team of PMs helping define, drive, and deliver several pieces of “Project Reunion”.

What is “Project Reunion”?

Project Reunion aims to unify and evolve the Windows developer platform making it easier to build new, exciting, modern Windows applications, and provide a smooth path to the future for your existing Win32 applications.

Project Reunion [Source:]

“Project Reunion” is in its infancy right now and is still taking shape, but we’re already hard at work on integrating and delivering a number of important components including WinUI3, WebView2, and MSIX/MSIX-Core. We encourage you to review the project’s goals, and to engage with us via the Project Reunion GitHub Repo.


My new team owns much of Win32 and some very cool up-coming “stuff”. We live within a group that contains much of Windows' input stack; windowing, display, Direct2D, DirectWrite, and other related platform level tech & components.

My new group is a peer to my previous group - the Windows Developer Experience & Platform - in which WSL, Terminal, and WinDev live, along with several other projects like Clint Rutkas' awesome PowerToys.

So, I am not moving very far from my previous team and will remain in close proximity to all the projects and people I was working on previously, which makes me very happy because I like to work with great people, and our teams are filled with great people! 😁

This is a great and natural progression for me: Thus far, I’ve been working on products and features that made it easier to build code on Windows. I couldn’t be more excited to start helping lead a team working hard to make it easier to build amazing applications, tools, and services for Windows.

I can’t wait to get started and to help deliver an awesome, inclusive, expansive application platform that is easy to use and simple to adopt and integrate into your applications.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter where, just as I did with WSL and Terminal, I’ll be making a lot of noise and engaging with many of you in discussion and debate as we build-out “Project Reunion” with your help!

I look forward to working with you! 😁

Let’s do this